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Diversity in media is a critical element to any existing democracy. Media should not only report information accurately and in a timely manner, but also accurately represent it's demographics. In the event an absence of a diverssity of voices exist, the results will yield a diminished engagement in public and /or civic affairs as well as the newsrooms. The public's trust in our present day media is not only extremely low, but falling. On the flip side of things, most people tend to trust the media they like. Most of us like what we feel we can trust. Welcome to BatalP-ii-Social Media Marketing radiostation. The official independent internet radio station of Batal Productions. Our goal as a production company is to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners in their local community. We believe that such a significant relationship between local business owners and their community, media and local businesses will establishes a trust that creates true sustainability. Our radio station which is open to local communities internationally, begin our journey to start to build that trust by encouraging community engagement, right on our business network.

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Our American Education system, along with everything else in life of course, can use a lot of improvement as we move closer to globalization. The future of America as I see it, easily predicts that our youth will have to meet global standards with regards to professional development, employment, cultural acceptance and competition. Bearing these factors in mind, we can easily state that the future of any nation lies within the youth. To not invest in an entire generation is to not invest in any nation’s future. Instructors have their share of challenges when faced with oversized classroom with unequal pay. The solution to a lot of these challenges is evident. Instructors need better pay, we need to prepare and provide the opportunity for our children to not only meet but exceed global standards if we are to be a prosperous nation again. Welcome to BatalP ii social media marketing radio.

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The Lord Ceo Muk Show Podcast is the official B2B audio streaming service of Batal Productions. Our goal si to connect the average everyday consumer with businesses in their local community through a combination of consumer education through our production magazine The Blac & Bleu Book and proactive engagement through audio and/or video interviews, presentations and industry updates. Create your user account and upload your tracks or import directly from soundcloud. Once your audio file starts trending on our charts it will most likely be featured on our radio station featured rotation at your request and no cost.

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In the event you are looking for a cost effective ecomerce solution to process the sale of your audio, request an Artist account. Upon approval you will be able to not only trend the charts but sell your music right on our B2C audio streaming platform.

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The Blac & Bleu Book is the official production magazine of our parent company Batal Productions. Our goal as a production magazine is to connect the average everyday consumer with businesses in their local community. This can create brand awareness, build communitites and create a strong referral service.

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Become a Service Provider and list your business in our production magazine The Blac & Bleu Book. Becoming a Service Provider is susbcription based and requires a one time set up fee plus a monthly susbcription fee charged annually.

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Are you a current Job Seeker, Prospective Employer or Freelancer actively seeking employment or looking to expand your current business operations and in need of staffing services? Join our business network as a services provider, feature your job post in our production magazine and connect with prospctive employees globally. Are you a current jobseeker actively seeking suitable emplyment? Join our business network, get verified and receive free job alerts. View our Latest posted istings on job banks, job search engine sites and job directories. Share this all jobs with your friends on your favorite social network

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We are currently looking to hire four brand ambassador to represent our brand, as well as the brand of our clients in a positive light, and to help increase brand awareness and sales. The brand ambassador will embody our identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. A key element of our brand ambassadors would be their ability to use promotional strategies that will strengthen our customer-product-service relationship and influence a large audience to buy and consume on a consistent basis. This position has a ninety day commission based probationary period with the option to go hourly.

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